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A holistic, evidence-led, parenting program delivered by experts and hand-held by professionals for support during pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing. It is comprehensive, customized for every mother and child, and available to you, whenever, wherever.

We Offer

Pregnancy Care

Childbirth Education

Postpartum Care

Parenting Best Practices

By Enabling

24/7 Medical & Paramedical Experts On Call

Fitness & Meditation Modules

Health Trackers

Scientific & Evidence Based Content

Webinars and Live Sessions With Experts

A Moms-Only Community That Deeply Cares


Happy Motherhood and Stress-free

We Offer

Growth Trackers

Early Child Development Program

Playful Learning

By Enabling

Milestones Tracking & Intervention

Tailor Made Science Based Activities

Lullabies, Stories, Readouts & More

24/7 Medical & Paramedical Experts On Call


Children develop to their full potential across IQ,
EQ and SQ

Oxyto serves as a platform to address all parent and child needs through expert consultation and evidence-led programs – right from the basic needs of wellbeing and an assurance of doing things right, to more complex needs of growth, development and working towards the right results.


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    We at Oxyto believe it is important for our mothers to be empowered to share their stories, and to learn from one another; to speak their truths and feelings, and know that they are being heard; to know and believe in the power of a large community – to find support and love and inspiration to walk their journey with confidence.


    We invite you to be a part of the conversations!


    Indian Mothers Project

    Let us get real about the pain, the guilt, the anger, and those sweet moments of joy that offset everything else. Share their stories, let the world know the Real Deal!

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    Ex – Flipkart -BlueStone.com – Capgemini – Infosys | Economic Times Young Leader’15


    SLP Practitioner | Gold Medalist – BASLP & MASLP, Bangalore University

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    Oxyto's Birth Story

    For Srividya and Prathap, hearing the news of imminent parenthood was an occasion of giddy joyfulness as well as stark terror. Alone in Bangalore during covid, it seemed to them like they were on their own.

    Srividya’s mother, a renowned pediatrician was a constant support, and Srividya, an SLP herself, was experienced in dealing with infants, which only added to her skills every day. Yet there were aspects of the parenting journey that came as a surprise, that begot anxiety, and sometimes presented tough choices.

    This led to a great deal of research and extensive conversations with experts through which they were able to curate some of the best parenting practices applied worldwide.
    As they began to connect with other young parents, they realized they were not alone. This is a common feeling shared by all first timers on their parenting journey. Thus, the idea of Oxyto was born.

    Through this platform, they wish to empower mothers to make the best decisions through expert consultation for their child(ren), to eliminate stress from this journey as much as possible, and to present virtual support right from the news of pregnancy to all the stages of child development.

    Oxyto is a companion, a friend who can work as a referral to best practices and the best people when it comes to parenting.

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